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The Polish Christian Ministry NADZIEJA.PL (HOPE, Inc.) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2000.
Our activities are based on the belief that the Internet is the most important medium, after the press, radio
and TV, which makes it possible to successfully spread Christian values. NADZIEJA means HOPE in Polish.


NADZIEJA.PL is of assistance to anybody wishing to study the Bible and all that the Bible can offer to each one of us. You can download
FREE SOFTWARE e-Bible to your computer, which enables you to study the Holy Bible at your leisure. All you have to pay for is the Internet connection. Our service proofreads the Bible to standardise the electronic version of Warsaw and Gdańsk Bibles (Polish translations of the Holy Bible). To complete the task we entered into a close co-operation with Towarzystwo Biblijne w Polsce (the Polish subsidiary of the British and Foreign Bible Society). Daily BIBLE STUDY AND READINGS can also be downloaded from nadzieja.pl onto your WALLPAPER so that you can study the Bible from our many 13 week long courses or have a daily reading.

NADZIEJA.PL offers help to anybody who is in need of spiritual peace. Our
PASTOR ON-LINE division has been present on the Internet for 2 years. You can contact our pastor on-line by e-mail to freely discuss any topics of interest: tell him about your worries and ask for advice, confide in him, tell him about your hidden problems as well as improve your knowledge of the Bible and get an explanation of theological intricacies. All correspondence with the pastor, as well as contact with other divisions of our service, are treated as confidential.

NADZIEJA.PL helps everybody suffering from health problems. Such help is provided, within the statutory limits, by our
HERBALIST ON-LINE and DOCTOR ON-LINE divisions. Herbalist on-line offers interesting material regarding a healthy lifestyle and treatment of the most common illnesses by means of unconventional medicine, herbal medicines and hydrotherapy. Work is in progress on the medical portal.

NADZIEJA.PL helps everybody suffering from family problems or a family crisis. There have been cases where we have saved people’s lives. The advice we offer is different from other similar services, mainly because our councel is strictly of a spiritual nature. You can seek such advice in our
FAMILY ON-LINE division with a pastor on duty who has been involved in this field for several years. He is supported by a group of Christian specialists.

NADZIEJA.PL helps everybody suffering from different types of addictions. The
ADDICTIONS ON-LINE division is run by our consultant who deals with anti-drug and anti-alcohol prevention among the youth. We help you face your personal dramas. You can also help your friends or relatives in this way. We offer reliable advice provided in the spirit of Christian values and love.

STUDIES ON-LINE topics were prepared in order to facilitate learning Bible truths focused on Christ. The information can serve as a benchmark to commence bible studies or as complementary material for the studies you have already started. The material was prepared based on the English original Studying Together. A Ready-reference Bible Handbook.


KITCHEN ON-LINE division is currently under construction. Its aim is to provide the widest range of vegetarian recipes. Apart from a lot of other information, you can find out how to prepare a tasty everyday meal in a simple and cheap way. We will soon have a link to an Internet whole food distributor so that obtaining the healthy ingredients does not cause any problems.

INFOBIBLE division is a web page for everybody willing to know more about the Bible and the word of God. The extracts include issues which can give answers to any problem you might encounter in your life. You can read materials on more than 340 Bible topics, which can help you find the right answer. The service is a Polish translation of the American venture Bibleinfo.com with peculiarities of the Polish language taken into account.

NADZIEJA.PL serves everybody who needs support in their prayers. We pray every day for the needs of other people supporting them in their problems. Every day our
PRAYER ON-LINE division is contacted by people asking for help in numerous everyday life matters, from school exams to prayers for the incurably ill. The outcomes of our activities in this field show that the prayers are answered.

NADZIEJA.PL provides help to people who are unable to read electronic versions of Christian publications available on the web page. Such people can take advantage of the radio division, prepared especially for this purpose. The
RADIO offers audio equivalents of the books in Real Audio and Windows Media. The radio gives an opportunity to listen to sermons recorded at our local CHURCH.

You can buy Polish Christian and health books in our
SHOP ON-LINE from anywhere in the world. This is done by choosing your order, filling out the electronic form and paying either by credit card or on delivery.

There are many other features to assist in Bible study and give spiritual rest such as
ARTICLES, SUBJECTS or BOOKS which can be easily found by just clicking www.nadzieja.pl.

To contact us, type www.hoping.org.pl in any Internet searcher, call our info line: +48 22 7292880 or send an e-mail to editorship@hoping.org.pl. Our bank account details are as follows: Nadzieja.pl Ltd., Warsaw 00-511, Nowogrodzka Street 12 Apt. 3, Bank BPH II/O Warsaw, Poland, account number 10601015-320000744691, with description: „for non-profit activity”. Our bank account in USA: PO Box 622227 Orlando, Florida, Zip: 32862-2227, Suntrust Bank, 1000001149425 with the same description: „for non-profit activity”.

Please note that these web pages will work in Polish. English version only available for main divisions.




Our service is located in Poland, Europe, in Podkowa Leśna city,
near here of Warsaw, the capitol. You can see two maps below:


also in English:




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